Dommer Wim Wiersma

Wim-Wismer Wim Wiersma  – Of Summer’s Joy Whippets

Ouddiemerlaan 156, 1111 HN Diemen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)206957130

In 1962 my parents bought me my first Whippet. This Whippet was a great grandson of the famous Marksman of Always. I was twelve years old and had no idea about the importance of famous Ancestors in pedigrees.

Thanks to the inspiration of the breeder of this Whippet, I developed an enthusiasm for
showing dogs. Quite a few times with success but also of course without, which is good for
learning the relativity of dog-showing. Nevertheless I still like to show my dogs until this very day.

Under my prefix ‘Of Summer’s Joy’ ten Whippet litters were born since 1993. Mainly bred
from old English bloodlines such as Dondelayo, Oakbark, Welstar and Shalfleet. I have
always bred on a small scale. However, eight of my dogs gained their Champion title, of
which five also their International title. A few puppies were exported abroad, among which
one to the Chelridge Kennel in England.

For twenty-three years I have been active as a member of the Dutch Whippet Club. Eleven years as an organizer of club events and twelve years as a treasurer and secretary in the committee. During these twelve years my involvement in health-issues was extensive. In Europe we were and are the only Whippet-Club that performs obligatory eye-checking for breeding animals.

In 2000 I published the book ‘Nederlandse Whippetkampioenen 1950-1990’ (Dutch Whippet Champions), which was updated in 2004 on the occasion the 50th
Anniversary of the Dutch Whippet Club. Also in 2000 the booklet ‘De Whippet en Het Italiaanse Windhondje’ (The Whippet and The Italian Greyhound) came out.

Since 1982 I was given the opportunity to judge open shows in France, Germany, England,
Sweden and the Netherlands. In 2004 I was appointed by the Dutch Kennel Club as a judge for Whippets. Since 2004 this appointment has been extended to all the Sighthouds in FCI group 10, including the Half-Sighthouds in FCI group 5.

So far I have judged in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Belgium at
CAC/CACIB level.