Dommerrapport Wim Wiersma

My impressions of the Sighthoud show Bergen on 10 April, 2011.

It was such a pleasant surprise to be invited for the first Bergen & Omegn Myndeklubb’s Sighthoud show. Since I had never been in Norway before, the more exciting it was for me to judge Sighthounds in your beautiful country. A very warm welcome was prepared for me the day I arrived. After being picked up at the Airport and brought to my hotel, I was taken along by your charming Club president Vigdis Kaas for a guided tour through the lovely city of Bergen.

Furthermore I would like to congratulate the committee and members of the Club who were involved in organizing this first Bergen Sighthound show. Everything went smooth without any disturbances. The food, freshly prepared in the kitchen was delicious. The large table with the prices was well filled. A lot of these prices made and offered by your Club secretary. What a nice gesture. My ring-steward and -secretary were experienced and capable assistants, who made the ‘job’ light and agreeable.

The show was held in a Sports-hall with plenty of space for a nice large ring. The floor of the ring was covered with carpets, which is to every exhibit’s advantage when judging movement.

I was pleased with the large number of entries and I thank the exhibitors who appreciated my opinion.

My overall impression of the dogs was very positive. That should not come as a surprise since I gave 56 out of 74 dogs present (7 puppies excluded) the qualification Excellent. Even the ones that got Very Good had in most cases excellent breed type but were either not finished in their development or had to steady in their movement. Almost all of them were well handled and had very pleasing breed temperament. They were presented in clean and good condition. Coats were well taken care of, especially the Afghans, beautiful long fine coats on the body, soft and silky on the heads. Teeth (pre-molars and molars) were not always clean but nails were generally well looked after.

For Best in Show puppy I chose the Whippet Sunodeni’s Aurora. A lovely 8 months old fawn and white female pup, already nicely developed and balanced in body structure with free flowing movement. Second and third were respectively the 5 months old Afghan pup Pramya Cheer For Me and the 6 months old Irish Wolfhound pup Paloma Faith O’marksbay. To compare these pups is difficult and perhaps not entirely fair. We all know that it takes much longer for the Afghan pup and certainly the Irish Wolfhound to develop in their overall structure and movement than the smaller Whippet. My Best in Show Veteran was the almost 9 year old da