Dommer Andre van den Broek

AndreAndre van den Broek

I’m already involved in dogs since 1968 when I started with a whippet.

Due to the fact that I wanted to explore my interest in dogs I succeeded to become a judge for whippets in 1981. During that time my attention was drawn to the pharaohound (the first picture from this breed I saw in a magazine called “The Gazehound” and in 1982 I bred my first litter with the affix: “Of the Netherlands”.

In this breed I have been very successful; breeding BIS and BIG-winners and exported to several countries including USA. In fact one of my males was used for breeding into the UK. (done by frozen semen which was unique in those days because one needed the approval from the English Kennel Club and the Ministry of Agriculture)

The litter produced 4 English Champions and amongst them the CC-record holder in the breed: “Ezhar The Colonel”.

I also got involved with borzois in handling, co-owning and co-breeding with lots of success in the past (“Gustopsowaya’s” borzois and a long time ago “Van Borjoschka” borzois)

At the moment with “Modnyabistru” borzois.

My interest resulted in expanding my judging-license more and in 1982 I became a judge for saluki’s and one year later for greyhounds.

Then other breeds followed and in the year 2000 I became a group-judge.

I have been judging in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slowakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tsjechie, and of course Holland.

This judging includes several specialties (for my two own breeds the Dutch, Russian, French, Finnish, Belgian, Italian and Polish Borzoi specialty and the Swedish, Finnish and English Pharaohound specialty) including the world famous sighthoundshow in former Skokloster, Donaueschingen and European and Worlddogshows.

For 2012 I’m invited to judge a Borzoi specialty in the USA.

Besides sighthounds and the Mediterranean breeds from FCI-5 I’m also a judge for Dobermann, all Schnauzers, all Dachshunds. Great Danes, Miniature Pinschers and Affenpinscher.