Her are some words about the Sight-hound show Bergen 6 April 2013.

After a good flight to Bergen, where it was a little colder then a week before ( Tel Aviv, Israel, 30 degrees Celsius.) I was picked up by a friendly lady that brings me to a very nice hotel in the centre and near the harbour in Bergen.

I walked in the harbour, eat some nice fish, went back to the hotel, and have time enough to see the standards for the last time.

Next morning to the showground, a big spacey hall with good floor for the dogs. I had 9 different sight hound breeds to judge, in total 73. Most of the breeds where of very high quality, I normally give not that much excellent rates

but this day I could nothing else.
After all dogs where judged I finally had a very good line-up for Best In Show, and came from
the Irish Wolfhounds entrie, it was a dog with a very good breed type, command performance, strong and with that typical light footed movement, excellent coat, very good show-condition,good handled, and with a fantastic temperament.

Cormacs Maddox was my absolut winner of B.I.S.

Thank you all for the very nice weekend, and for everyone who was working together with us, good steward and writer, good organisation, and a lot of prizes.

Thank you, and good luck to you all.

Best regards,  Jo. Schepers