Dommer Mr. Louis Dehaes

dommer2015Pga sykdom har vi måtte bytte dommer til vår utstilling 11. April 2015.

Vi er så heldig at Mr. Louis Dehaes, Belgia har takket ja til å dømme. Her er en liten presentasjon om han og hans kennel.

I am FCI judge of Group 10, qualifications for judging championship level, the breed in that group are Afghan hounds, Azawakh, Barzoi, Chart Polski, Deerhound, Greyhounds, Galgo Espagnol, Irish Wolfhounds, Maya agar, saluki, Sloughi, Piccolo Levriero Italian (PLI) and Whippet.

Other group FCI group 8, I am qualificated championship level for Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

From January 2013 group 9, , I am qualificated championship level for Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu and Tibetain Terrier.

I was one of the foundation members of coursing in Belgium later on we make the FCI rules for ‘lure coursing’ . I am an official ‘lure coursing’ judge also.

I start judging in 1990 my first breed was afghan hounds, I showed and breed with a lot of success. I was a committee member of the BELGIUM SIGHTHOUND CLUB for many years and a few years as vice-chairman, we also organized the first world congress for all sight hounds 2002.

In 1999 I start the Belgian Afghan hound club . I’m still the chairman of this club.

I have been judging different place in Europe , ‘Specialty breeds’, national and international show in my own country: Belgium, also others like ; Germany, Poland, UK, France, Denmark, Sweden , Italy, Finland, Luxemburg, Austria, Ireland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Netherland, Hungary, Slovenia.

I had my first afghan early ’80 . That afghan loved to race so I discovered my interest for racing .The next year I fell in love with a wonderful golden male who I saw at a dog show, he stole my heart and so started showing afghans, and I am still showing afghan until know from my own bloodlines.

Because my wife fell in love for a whippet , we both a whippet, who later became a Champion of different countries.

Our kennel name is ‘Du Jegdalek, I bred and owned many BIS, Specialty BIS, Champions with international and national champion title all over Europe .

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